International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course for Undergraduates (IMAC-U): an international co-study engineering Bachelor's Degree program taught fully in English for both international students and Japanese students

Admission for international students
Global Examination for Japanese students
IMAC-U was launched in October 2011 as one of the earliest undergraduate engineering degree courses taught fully in English for international students in Japan. Its aim is to enable excellent young people from around the world to engage in world-class engineering studies and research. In October 2017, this program was opened to Japanese students as well with introducing the global entrance examination, making it the first co-study international engineering course in Japan for students from all of the world regardless of nationality or gender. The curriculum of the co-study course is the same as that of the standard program taught in Japanese. Similar to the Japanese program, students conduct their graduation research in the laboratories of the five mechanical engineering courses in the Division of Mechanics.

International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course for Graduates (IMAC-G): Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in engineering, taught entirely in English

IMAC offers both undergraduate and graduate programs taught in English. IMAC-G enrollees are made up of graduates of the IMAC-U, as well as graduates from other universities around the world. After completing the Master's program, a number of IMAC-G graduates have also gone on to pursuit Doctoral Degrees and are active in academia as university lecturers and researchers, while many have joined leading Japanese companies. Tohoku University has also established in-depth academic exchange programs with top universities worldwide, thereby building a solid foundation as a world-leading and internationally open university. IMAC is perfect for students looking to become top-level researchers and engineers with an international mindset while studying alongside great classmates from around the world.

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