Bringing dreams to life in the sky and in space

The key learning and research concepts on this course are simulation science and space technology. To explore the optimal design of new aircraft and spacecraft, students will study the flow of gases in extreme conditions and simulation technology for structures made using new materials. Students will also study cutting-edge space technologies, including autonomous exploration robots, which play key roles in deep space exploration, large-scale space structures such as space stations, and next-generation propulsion engines for spacecraft. The results of these studies have been and will continue to be of great contribution to Japan's aircraft and space development.

Research results that directly impact space flight missions

Many of our faculty members are involved in joint research with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and aircraft manufacturers, and collaborate on front-line research and aircraft development in the aerospace engineering field. Tohoku University also participates in many space exploration projects, such as the Hayabusa asteroid sample-return mission, and conducts its own research, development, and on-orbit operation of small spacecraft. For this reason, each laboratory conducts research on many fascinating themes directly related to the development of next-generation aircraft and spacecraft.

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